Let your avatar pitch your original short program in the Metaverse

And develop it with a professional !

Submissions are closed

Contest theme

New Worlds

Think beyond the norm,
let your creativity run wild,
embrace new technologies
and take bold risks to create
something truly innovative!


For more information :
1rst prize

Development of the program with Newen Studios and Newen Connect
Participation in funding of 20,000€ by Newen Connect

2nd & 3rd prizes

A 2h one-to-one coaching session with a producer.

your creativity
Round #1

Submit your original short program pitch and be one of the 20 selected to showcase your project to industry leaders in the metaverse of Newen Studios !

From Virtual
to Live
Round #2

Advance to the final round and present your project live on stage at the prestigious Series Mania Festival in France !

Make Your Dreams
a Reality
Round #3

See your project brought to life by Newen Studios and Newen Connect !

Results FINALE

The jury made a final decision, and the winners of the Meta Pitch Contest by Newen Studios are :
Domante Urmonaite & Martynas Mendelis with their VR animation project "Hello"
Francisco Carrasco, Mauricio Cuffaro & Juliana Capparelli came Second with their dystopian immersive series project ''Dinner's on me'', and Arnaud Le Liégard came Third with the comedie series ''Pania Gogo +''.

Results 2nd Round

Congratulations !
The following candidates have successfully pitched in the Newen Meta Sky Metaverse and are selected to move to the last round at Series Mania :
Arnaud Le Liégard
Domante Urmonaite & Martynas Mendelis
Francisco Carrasco, Mauricio Cuffaro & Juliana Capparelli
Exceptionally, the jury also decided to give an Honorary Mention to Alexia Hanicotte.

Results 1rst Round

Congratulations !
The following candidates are selected to move to the next round and pitch their project in the Metaverse :
Aiste Ptakauske & Margarita Veberaite
Alexia Hanicotte
Alice Rebourg
Antoine Defontaine
Arnaud Le Liégard
Arthur Duclos
Béatrice Vernhes
Chelo (Marcel) Burgoa Guilbert
Domante Urmonaite & Martynas Mendelis
Francisco Carrasco, Mauricio Cuffaro & Juliana Capparelli
Frederic Bernadicou
Hector Broyer & Octave Haumant
Idir Chender
Lea Vazquez
Marie Godart & Yohann Ghellis
Olivier Rohde & Nicolas Cambier
Ornella Gueremy Marc
Philippe Enola
Quentin Lestienne
Sarah Fromentarius


January 23rd

Submissions open

February 20th

Submissions close

February 27th

20 projects are selected to move forward

March 7th

Pitching session in the metaverse

March 9th

3 projects are selected to move forward

March 21rst

Final Pitching sessions & Award Ceremony
(during the Series Mania festival)

Who can
participate ?

This contest is free and open to all residents of the European countries taking part in
the Europe Creative Media Program (find the complete list here), aged 18 and above.

How to
participate ?

Click on the “Submit now” button

Fill in your profile information and details about your original project (title, summary…) on the Google Form.

Upload your pitch document according to the format guidelines.

Submit your application by the deadline of 6pm (Paris Time) on February 20th, 2023.

What should I submit ?

For this contest, you should submit your pitch material (PDF)
for your original short program* .
Your pitch material should be short, 4 pages max (including a short bio of the participant(s),
a summary of your story,
an explanation of your artistic intent and why your project is innovative)

and in French or in English.
If you are selected, you will then have 5' to convince the jury to produce your short program!
* For more information about the expected formats :
> please consult our FAQ <

An exceptional jury

Romain Bessi

President of the Jury
CEO, Newen Studios

Karine Atlan

EVP acquisitions and international coproductions
NEWEN CONNECT (Distribution)

Jean-Benoit Gillig


Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor


Vanessa Dijan


Ivy Vanhaecke


Mikael Govciyan

Head of aquisition and coproduction

Miira Paasilinna




For more information :

A pitch is a short, concise presentation of a film, television series or other creative project. Its purpose is to give a general overview of the plot, characters and main themes, as well as why it is different and interesting.

In this contest, you have to pitch an original short program. It means that it could be any story, as long as it is short (between 5 and 25 min) and original (work that you created yourself and not derived from pre-existing material). It could be anything from a series pilot, to a short film, a documentary, an innovative format never seen before… Be bold !

For this contest, we only accept PDF format for your project pitch.

Your pitch material should be :

  • short (the original short program that you pitch should be between 5 and 25 min long, and your presentation should not exceed 5 minutes in length).
  • a maximum of 4 pages, including
    • short bio of the participant(s)
    • a summary of your story
    • an explanation of your artistic intent
    • why your project is innovative
  • The document should be in .pdf format,
  • In English or in French
  • in landscape format,
  • and should not exceed 45 Mo, but we recommend sticking to 20 Mo for the best result.

You do not necessarily have to plan to shoot your project in English, but your pitch documents should be in English or in French, and you oral presentation should be in English in order to be evaluated by our international jury.

Please note that during the presentation, there will be no opportunity to play sound. Clickable links are also not supported by our platform, so be sure to avoid including them in your presentation.

Let your imagination be your only limit and aim to be bold in your ideas. We look forward to seeing your creative and innovative projects!

The theme for this year's contest is “New Worlds”.
Don't be afraid to use new technologies such as artificial intelligence or innovative immersive formats, and to break the conventions of the audiovisual world. We will reward boldness and ingenuity.

Since this contest is co-financed by the Europe Creative Media Program, it is open to all residents of European countries taking part in the Europe Creative Media Program (find the complete list here), aged 18 and above.

Are you a film/TV student or professional, a member of a film association, or simply creative ? Do you have a short program project that you believe has the potential to be successful ? Then this contest is for you. It is an opportunity to showcase your talent and get noticed by top industry professionals.

For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions.

You may submit a project that is the result of the work of several people, but maximum 2 members of the team will be able to represent the team on the day of the pitch.

Only 1 submission by group/person is accepted.

  1. Cherchez l’inspiration
    Suivant le thème imposé, trouvez une idée qui vous fait vibrer !
  2. Créez et rédigez votre pitch
    Présentez votre idée de programme court et inédit dans les formats acceptés. Entrainez-vous pour que la présentation ne dure pas plus de 5 minutes.
  3. Participez
    Complétez le Google Form avant la date limite et renseignez les informations de votre projet (Nom, résumé…).
  4. Présélection
    20 projets seront présélectionnés pour participer au premier round de présentation de leur projet devant un jury de producteurs professionnels internationaux dans le Métavers. Les 20 candidats sélectionnés seront annoncés le 27 février 2023.
  5. Entrainez-vous !
    Participez à une session de formation pour apprendre à utiliser l'espace virtuel et à créer votre avatar. Cette session aura lieu le 3 Mars 2023.
  6. Premier round
    Les 20 candidats présélectionnés présenteront leurs projets dans le Newen Meta Sky le 7 mars 2023, au cours d'une demi-journée dédiée. Chaque présentation ne doit pas durer plus de 5 min.
    Entrez dans le Newen Meta Sky à l’horaire indiqué, montez sur scène, présentez votre projet et éblouissez le jury !
  7. Dernier round
    Les 3 finalistes seront invités au prestigieux festival Series Mania pour présenter leur projet en physique lors du festival. La date exacte de leur présentation est le 21 Mars 2023.
  8. Annonce du gagnant
    La remise des prix aura lieu à la suite de la présentation finale, au festival Series Mania.

Newen will take care of the accommodation (booking and expenses) for the people invited to present their project at Series Mania during the final round, with a limit of 2 people per project group.

Additionally, Newen will reimburse, upon submission of the relevant receipts, transportation expenses up to a limit of 300€ per participant. Participants will be responsible for organizing and making their own travel arrangements.

In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we encourage participants to prioritize train travel.

For more information, please read our Terms & Conditions.

Newen Studios, a subsidiary of the TF1 group, is a major fast growing European player in audiovisual production and distribution, with a multi-genre strategy (drama, film, animation, TV movie, documentary, non-scripted…). It is the studio behind Marie-Antoinette, Plus Belle la Vie, Opéra, Ici Tout commence / Where it all begins, Mysterious Cities of Gold, Versailles, Insiders, Christian, Dough, El Cid, The Spectacular, White Sands and many more !

Deeply rooted in 11 countries, the group has more than 50 creative labels and a passionate overall team of 600 people each bringing their unique expertise.

Shows produced by Newen Studios are exported globally alongside a curated slate of third party programming, thanks to its distribution subsidiary Newen Connect whose activities help to shine a light on European content.

The Newen Meta Sky is the first immersive experience for creating, financing, and distributing programs. Launched during the Cannes Film Market last May, it is a virtual marketplace dedicated to European creators and producers. This Metaverse is a virtual space composed of several rooms for work and creation, located in a Zeppelin that flies in the sky of European capitals. As the first European Meta Hub for program production and distribution, this project is part of the desire of the group and its shareholder TF1 to accelerate access for our teams and partners to the dynamics of innovation that will drive the future of the audiovisual and film market. It is supported by the European Union's Europe Creative Media program.

Get on board our NEWEN META SKY and challenge your creativity in our metaverse by pitching your original short program project to a panel of professionals using your avatar.

This program is co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or Europe Creative Media. Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

Not at all !
We have created a virtual immersive universe, easy to access on a simple invitation, with only a laptop and an internet connection. Warning : using Google Chrome is highly recommended.

You can contact us for additional requests at meta-pitch@newenstudios.com